The first place I visited in China was the SHAANXI HISTORY MUSEUM, located in the ancient city Xi’an. Inside the museum there were murals, paintings, pottery, coins, as well as bronze, gold, and silver objects. The Shaanxi history museum was constructed in 1983 and was opened to the public in June 20 1991, it’s appearance recalls the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.


The entrance tickets were free. Overall I think that it was an interesting museum to visit. If you’re ever in Xi’an make sure to go see the SHAANXI HISTORY MUSEUM.




The Terracotta warriors were a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife. The Terracotta Army was discovered on 29 March 1974 to the east of Xi’an by farmers digging a water well. The Terracotta Army held more than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses. This discovery prompted Chinese archaeologists to investigate, revealing the largest pottery figurine group ever found in China.


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Furry pets: leaving them behind.😿



Travelling is fun and all but when you have little furry pets you have to make sure that they will have a place to stay and that they are healthy and happy while you’re gone. I had to buy 11kg of dry cat food, 12 cans of soft cat food and 30kg of cat litter that will hopefully keep them healthy and happy and will last for 3 months. I chose ProDiet cat food because it seems to be my cat’s favourite food, the cat food in smaller plastic bags are different brands of food which are 1kg each, I got them so that if my cats get bored of the ProDiet food they’ll have different types of cat food to eat. The canned cat food are PowerCat brand and I got that because they use real fish and again my cat’s love it. The cat litter was 10kg each and I got the same scent so that they will get use to only one scent and know where to do their business. Everything came up to about RM400 ($96.00). One of my mom’s friends who loves cats has kindly agreed to take care of our cats at her house for 3 months, so I made sure that everything will be organised and easy for her. (Thank you Aunty Yang Fairuz). 

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GETTING PREPARED: My travels are about to begin!


A bit more time before I leave for my travels! As a family of 5, we had to get our shopping done at affordable stores. So, the first store we went to was “Winter time”, they had good quality clothing but the price was too high, we only got our inner clothings from Winter time that came to about RM1000 that’s $238.36. We tried another store called “universal traveler” and they had good quality clothings too, so we got our winter jackets and boots from there. The price was good and affordable, I got my beanie at Jusco, its a shopping mall. The brand of my beanie is “Kenvelo” the price is about RM60, thats about $14.60. We got really good hiking shoes at “Ambros” for RM100 each that’s about $23.84, as for our comfortable winter socks, we got them at Uniqlo, they were about RM50 for 2 pairs that’s about $11.92. So, if you’re ever in Malaysia, you now know the affordable shops to shop at for winter clothings. We are now getting prepared and packing for our worldschooling trip! Wish me luck! If you have any questions or opinions, please let me know. Thank you! 

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Getting started: First blog.

Heyyy! This is gonna be my small introduction, It’s my first time making a blog so if you have any opinions on how to make it better or more interesting please let me know. I’m going to start my adventure soon. I’ll keep you updated on the places I go to and the things I learn. I will also be taking lots of pictures and I’ll post some of them on the blog and most of the everyday pictures on my instagram ( @themayablogzzz_)


Langkawi, Malaysia. 2015.(random picture of me on my travels)